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Infrared photography is a different way to make unique landscape photos, it can be achieved by either converting your camera into a infrared camera or you can buy a inexpensive ir filter. If the white balance is set correctly the green vegetation will appear as white, almost like it’s winter. i think this works great especially like the example below where there is alot of vegetation and a moving stream of water, it almost looks like a winter landscape with a layer of ice.


So Let’s Get Started!

What’s Needed?

  • DSLR Camera
  • Tripod Stand
  • Remote Timer (Recommended)
  • Ir Filter

Step 1 – Tripod and Focus


when making a infrared photo you need to have your DSLR Camera on a tripod stand because the shutter speed is often 1 second or more, otherwise the picture would get very blurry, remember this is with a IR Filter, A converted Infrared Camera would make things faster but also permanently only shoot IR Photos.

and before you mount the IR Filter it’s a good idea to set the focus, it can be very hard to find foucus when the IR Filter is mounted.


Step 2 – Remote Timer

As we are going to take a picture over more than 5 seconds it’s a good idea to have a remote timer to not cause any shakes to the camera when making the IR Photo, This is not crucial but it’s absolutly recommended to get the most sharp picture we can get!


Step 3 – White Balance

It’s recommended to have a optimal white balance set before we start making a IR Photo, you can use the preset white balance values, however it’s always better to mesure your own white balance image.

I took a picture on some grass with the IR Filter still mounted and then use it in the settings meny.

Step 4 – Shutter Speed & ISO

For this IR Photo i set the apature at f/2,8.

Shutter speed 10 seconds & ISO at 800, i always try to keep the ISO as low as possible to get a low noise picture.
After tweaking some settings in photoshop we can continue and use the white balance tool. Follow the settings if  you wish.

  • Exposure +2,05
  • Contrast -100
  • Shadows -10
  • Blacks +67


Now use the white balance tool and click on the ”Grass” to set the balance correctly!

Step 5 – Channel Mixer


Now that we have set the white balance correctly and tweaked some contrast, shadows settings etc. We can now swap colors in the channel mixer, We are going to swap Red to Blue, and Blue to Red.


I actually left the red (On blue output channel) at 85 % Because i prefer when there is a bit of orange left in the IR Photo.

Step 6 – Erasing Reds/Magentas

At this final step we are going to erase some unwanted colors in the picture caused by the IR Filter, So we have to go into Hue/Saturation, select the magentas to start with then decrease the saturation some.

After tweaking some settings this is what the IR Photo looks like.



  • +37 Hue
  • -23 Saturation
  • +25 Lightness

Some final touches to the picture and here is the final result!

IR Example

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